The Hope Centre A place of new beginnings
        The Hope Centre        A place of new beginnings  

What we do

We offer assistance where it's most needed. We run the following  in Halesowen we are opem to everyone who walks through the door. People are always asking us ‘What we do qt the hope centre?’ and sometimes that is a difficult question to answer, the reply is we do whatever we can. We treat every person as we would a member of our family. If someone wanks through the door in need we do not say we cant...we listen we support and help the person to decide a plan that is best suited to them. We then work with a number of organisations that we refer on to or we do it ourselves if that is possible. We never put a time limit on our support. We understand that a person may need time to even speak ..that is fine. A cup of tea , food, a smile and helping hand is always available to everyone regardless.Its hard to say what we actually do not because we don’t do anything but because we do so much. The challenge is often working out where to start explaining all about what we do do.


  • one to one support
  • we listen
  • benifit advice
  • form filling make phone calls 
  • cover letters emails and CVs
  • online job search
  • job applications
  • sexual health support
  • hiv testing
  • we provide furnitire friendship and food
  • HIV programmes: HIV counselling, support and self-help groups 
  • Fight Poverty - challenge structures that social suffering. ... of personal problems with societal problems,” thereby challenging the problematic tendency in the social, health, and policy sciences to focus mainly on the individual.
  • dupport women out of sexual abuse and slavery
  • support asylum seekers and refugees
  • ESOL classes
  • !-1 Reading support for adults
  • Art groups 
  • carers support
  • peer support groups
  • dudle mind
  • mental health support
  • computer support
  • form filling, phone calls
  • provide clothing
  • provide food
  • organise outings and fun days for locval children and families
  • we have fun!!!!
  • support various awareness campaigns on issues such as fair trade, child labour and environmental issues affecting us all.
  • we pray for one another
  • we laugh
  • we cry together
  • we love 
  • we help people move forward with their lives one step at a time. As family everyone is welcome and loved.

Picture gallery

Meet the volunteers and just a few of the people we've helped thanks to your support.



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