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Blessed to Host a Baby Shower

News Baby shower!!!



Wonderful warm welcoming women. Natalie with her beautiful sister Sasha who will be giving Birth to Kodi next week.

It was a wonderful time where we created beautiful memories. It was an honor to host this shower at The Hope Centre .

We felt really blessed, the games Natalie were amazing and all your prep made the evening go with a massive bang!!! Mum to be Sasha was surprised and led to was very emotional. God bless all of you who came...your all special have found new friendships bonded and are now sharing in love with one another. Sisters in Christ you truley are. We pray the Birth goes to plan and Kodi will bring you Joy beyond measure! From all at Hope.




40 days of Lent


Hi everyone we are currently collecting food for forty days of lent. We have many families and singles who are in need and finding hard to feed themselves. We do not want our local children to feel left out so I am asking f you could spare some food from your cupboard to donate to our local familes at Easter. The food will be distributed Easter weeks to local families in need. Many children will go without a celebration this can make a difference. Please drop off food items to The Hope Centre Block 11 Andrew road. B634TT or  call 0121 6021744 for more information

Many thanks xxxxxxx Camilla




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