The Hope Centre A place of new beginnings
        The Hope Centre        A place of new beginnings  


We are selling upcycled furniture and household items at the second time around shop!!!!!!!!! new crafters are going to join us  and share their skills and of course their wonderful upcycled products. Come and grab yourself a bespoke item for your home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Items can be painted to your requirments, you can choose the colors and designs!!!


Below is a small table created by make do and amend .

Every sunday we are hosting a meal for everyone to come together as community. last week we had beautiful Nigerian food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the week before Carribean and this week a lovely Italian menu!!! Its all free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Last week we were overjoyed as two of our homeless family got rehoused!!!!!!!!!!!! wonderful news...thank you to everyone who supports us with furniture and goods We are blessed.




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